Overdraft Protection

Overdrafts Happen

Been there, done that. We understand that everyone will likely have at least one overdraft in a lifetime, likely more. Rest assured that Corner Post FCU has your back when and if you find yourself facing an overdraft. Using Corner Post FCU’s Home Banking and Mobile App can help keep track of your account balances and avoid overdrafts. But why worry about a single slipup? Coverage is much less expensive than the cost of one overdraft charge.

Overdraft Coverage Options

Standard Overdraft Protection

  • Link to a second Corner Post deposit account for backup
  • First six transfers per month are free
  • $3.00 per transfer beyond that monthly maximum

Overdraft Privilege Protection

  • Allows for overdrawing your account up to disclosed limit for a fee of $18.00 per overdraft item
  • Accounts ending in 70 have built-in coverage of $500.00
  • Serves as secondary coverage if Standard Overdraft Protection service is exhausted
  • Extended Coverage (requires Consent Form) can be selected for coverage on ATMs and debit card transactions

Transactions Covered
with Overdraft Privilege

Standard Coverage
(No Action Required)

Extended Coverage
(Consent Form Required)


ACH – Automatic Debits

Recurring Debit Card Payments

Online Bill Pay Items

Home Banking Transfers

Home Banking

Teller Window Transactions

ATM Withdrawals*


Debit Card Purchases*




*If you choose Extended Coverage, ATM Withdrawals and Debit Card Purchases will be included with the transactions listed under Standard Overdraft Protection. If you already have Extended Overdraft Privilege Coverage, it’s not necessary to request it again.